Hi, I'm Petra

I help eCommerce businesses
to grow their conversion rate

Is it time to get smart and use your website data to grow your sales?

Which marketing campaigns are resulting in the most sales and how much do they cost to get a new customer?

Find out which marketing strategies are working the best for you so that you can make the most sales for the least cost.

How can I narrow down the characteristics of my best customers?

Find out more about your best customers and use that data to find more just like them.

Do I have any problems with my eCommerce store that might prevent sales? How can I recover lost sales opportunities?

Find out where your website is most likely to lose customers so that you can do something about it. Use smart ways to get your customers back.

Which content and offers are getting the most engagement from my visitors?

Learn more about which of your content and products are generating interest and which are not getting much love.

How do I fix problems with my Google Analytics and other Google Marketing tools that affect my eCommerce store?

Get advice from someone who knows the Google suite of tools inside out.

I want insights about my eCommerce store to be emailed to me

Chat to Petra about getting an automated report sent to you every week, month, quarter and year so that you can just sit back and look at the results.

I can help you to use data to grow more revenue from your website

How we can work together

Strategy and Training Session

I’ll meet with you either in person or via online video to discuss your data collection and analysis strategy and any training you may need. Your strategy and training will be customised based upon your business objectives.

Done-for-You Website Analysis

and Reports

I can analyse your data to help you to increase sales, and I can generate reports that will enable you to measure what is really important for your eCommerce store.

Google Analytics and Google Tag

Manager Implementation or Fix

I can set up your data tracking and analytics the way you need it to meet your business objectives. Or, if something is broken, come and talk to me because I can help you fix it.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

I can set up experiments to test different variants of your webpages and analyse the results in order to increase revenue in your business.

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