5 Ways to Make Google Analytics Simple but effective

Learn how to make Google Analytics super simple for your business so that you can effectively improve your website and digital marketing

1. Create a Google Analytics Dashboard

Create a dashboard out of your favourite metrics and graphs and schedule it to automatically email you each month so that you don’t have to remember when you last looked at your analytics or hamper yourself with schedules.

2. Quickly add in your ecommerce data

If you sell products on your website, use a plugin or ecommerce platform that automatically adds your ecommerce data (such as product sales and revenue) to Google Analytics

3. Track what actually matters to your business

Think about what your business actually needs to track and just measure that. Go for fewer things that are more important and skip the rest. So for example if you do have a lead generation website do track your lead generation forms and sign-ups. If you sell products then track your sales. Then look at which marketing sources, pages, demographics etc. are resulting in these. (Depending on complexity, you might need to hire a nerd to set up the tracking of your business outcomes).

4. Use Google Tag Manager to collect important events

Use a tool called Google Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager (or GTM for short) lets you easily track important events such as someone clicking a button or submitting a form on your website. This information can then be sent to Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook etc. This enables you to track conversions and make your advertising better.

5. Always have a Goal in mind (and set up in Google Analytics)

Always, always, always have at least one Goal set in Google Analytics. Without a Goal (Goals are your KEY business outcomes that you want people to do when they visit your website) set up much of your data is meaningless.


It is even more simple if you get someone to do it for you! ????

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keneena fanning

This dashboard is sooo much easier to read than the Google Analytics one. I love that you explain what each table means underneath - super helpful. I definitely love visual rather than written info so the graphs are great - and make it much easier to see trends etc. Especially helpful to see where traffic is coming from and how it's converting so I can see where to focus my efforts.

Keneena Fanning Kablooie Store Basic Dashboard May 25, 2017

Adam Pond testimonial for Petra Manos Web Data Analytics

Petra worked with the team at SEALadder to provide and educational overview and introduction to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. It was great to have someone explain the difference and why both are important. She took us through our own implementation rather than a hypothetical setup and showed us how to set everything up, ensuring that we had a video recording of our meeting so we could refer to it again in the future, which we did. I'm looking forward to having another session in the future when we have more data and taking our analytics to the next level.

Adam Pond SEALadder Strategy Session June 28, 2017

Nick Hughes

We now have greater insights into how many people visit our site and when, where they come from and the detail of our traffic sources. Glad I spent the time with Petra to cut straight to the insights in our data. Time well spent!

Nick Hughes Successfully Navigating Redundancy Strategy Session May 25, 2017

Erica Stacey Scout Digital

I recently worked with Petra to improve my understanding of Google Tag Manager.

Petra not only provided a solid overview of GTM set up and event tracking, she also provided many tips on best practice, and answered the questions that I didn't even know to ask!

Petra is patient, fun to work with, and her analytical programming mind is hell bent on finding the BEST solution to any data, analytics or tracking problem.

Erica Stacey Scout Digital Marketing Strategy Session June 21, 2017

default gravatar

Petra helped me set up many aspects of Google Analytics, and I now feel confident in finding the information I need. It's definitely increased my understanding of my website audience and the data that comes out of it massively!

Hannah Noble Nipenda Blog May 25, 2017


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