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Whether you’re looking for someone to dive into your data and work out the numbers, or whether you need a custom implementation (or a troublesome issue fixed!), I’m here to help

Are you trying to turn your IT or marketing staff into web analysts?

There’s another way – save time and money with a Google Analytics expert – even if for just a few hours at a time.

The majority of businesses don’t need a full-time in-house web analyst. It appears as though the job should be able to be done by your marketing team and/or your IT team, but how do you know that they have the right skills and training to do the job effectively? Hire a Website Analyst for even just a few hours at a time and you will discover that you can track and measure a lot more of your website and online marketing initiatives than you might have imagined.

I can help you answer these questions:

1. I don’t know what I don’t know – what if I’m missing something important?

Before working with me, the majority of my clients have missed basic features from their Google Analytics accounts. These features are straightforward and inexpensive to implement. You should have the ability to see the keywords that people typed into Google to find your website, the ability to filter out spam and other unwanted data from your Google Analytics account (including your staff’s website visits), the ability to learn more about the people who visit your website and the ability to track and measure specific business goals. If you’re not sure if you have these set up or not, I have a free solution for you.

Solution: Free review of your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

I’ll assess your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts to make sure you’ve got everything you need configured. I’ll give you a list of recommendations at the end to let you know if I found any problems or if you are missing some important features.

2. Can you plan a website measurement strategy for my business?

Yes, I can work with your team to structure a web analytics strategy.

Solution: Strategy Session and Report

Do you want to know where your website visitors are coming from? No problems. Do you want to track conversion rates for your lead generation, e-commerce or donation websites? I can help you with that. Do you want to track e-commerce transactions or individual users on membership websites? Any question you can think of about how users are using your website, we can discuss how to get that question answered.

A strategy session will be a 90-minute meeting where I ask you several questions about your business and website. During the meeting I will come up with a strategy regarding what should be tracked on your website in order to report back the most valuable metrics for your business. The strategy session and report is priced at $500 AUD.

I can implement this strategy, or your own staff can implement it if you choose. If the latter, I am able to train your staff how to implement and maintain it themselves.

3. I want Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to be configured for my business. Can you do this for me?

Yes, I can implement a full Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager plan, or as little as a single component, such as filtering staff from your website data or setting up a conversion tracking goal, dashboard or report.

Solution: Done-for-you Setup of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

It doesn’t matter if you have a big job or a small one, I’m happy to give you a quote.

4. I need to solve a problem in my business (or hit a growth target)

Are visitors not buying enough of your products or services? Are you paying too much for traffic, or do you need help to figure out what to do next with your website?

Solution: Done-for-you Analysis of your Google Analytics data

Hire an expert who can help interpret your data. I will analyse your website data in-depth and then make suggestions for improvements based on the data analysis. I can also help to set up data-led experiments (also known as A/B tests or split tests) to gather further data in order to make gains in your website’s conversion rate whether it be e-commerce, lead generation or donation based.

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