Small Business Dashboard Details, Instructions and Questionnaire

What is the Small Business Dashboard?

The Small Business Dashboard helps you to understand what is happening on your website. It is set out in an easy to understand format. An explanation for each chart means you no longer have to try to work out what your Google Analytics is telling you about your website, so you can get on with running your business!

With the Small Business Dashboard you get peace of mind, because

  • You don’t need to remember to log into Google Analytics and go hunting for  information.
  • Your Google Analytics will be set up by an expert.
  •  And you will see straight away if there is a problem with your website.

The Small Business Dashboard is emailed to you so you don’t need to go into your Google  analytics account unless you want to.

Who is the Small Business Dashboard for?

The Small Business Dashboard is for Small Business owners who want to understand what  is happening on their websites and do not currently have a high website marketing spend (a  high website marketing spend requires a more detailed custom report which is available  from Web Data Analytics in a different product range).

Which Small Business Dashboard is for me?

A Goal is what you want your website to achieve. It may include purchases, email signups, contact form submissions, donations, social media follows, phone calls, or any other type of engagement you want to track.

The Basic Small Business Dashboard is for businesses who want to track just one Goal that can be defined by your visitor going to a specific page (eg a thankyou page).

The Intermediate Small Business Dashboard is for businesses who want to track just one Goal which is defined by a mouse click or interaction (eg clicking a submit form button).

The Advanced Small Business Dashboard is for businesses who want to track up to three Goals and these can be defined by either a specific page or a mouse click or interaction.

What does the Small Business Dashboard look like?

Here is an example of a Basic or Intermediate Small Business Dashboard.​ This Dashboard is worded for an online shop, but the wording will be changed to reflect your Goal.

It looks like this:

An Advanced Small Business Dashboard has more detail included as it tracks up to three Goals rather than one Goal.

How often is the Small Business Dashboard sent out?

The Small Business Dashboard is sent out to you every Monday and reports on the previous week so that you know what happened on your website last week.

It also is sent out to you on the first day of each month to show you what happened in the last month on your website, on the first day of each quarter to show you what happened in the last quarter on your website, and the first day of the year to show you what happened in the last year on your website.

So you will be getting a picture of how your website is being used both in the short-term so that you can react quickly, but also over the longer term so that you can see trends.

What else do I get with the Business Dashboard?

In addition to the charts, there are several important things that you get behind the scenes when you sign up for a Business Dashboard. These are done so that you have peace of mind that your Google Analytics is set up right and then you can trust the results that you see in your charts. Without first setting up your Google Analytics, your data may be incorrect.

  • Full check to make sure that Google Analytics tag is correctly set on your website
  • Set up ayour Goal(s) to track in Google Analytics (this lets you see if your website is achieving its purpose)
  • Turn on valuable data such as visitor demographics, Google Search queries
  • Set up your Google Analytics correctly depending on whether your website is http:// or https://
  • Add payment gateways as excluded referrers if applicable (this cleans up your data if you run an online shop)
  • Stay up to date with common referral spam
  • Add your IP address so that your own visits to your website will not change your traffic numbers
  • Clean up issues that may cause data inaccuracy


  • Basic Small Business Dashboard $399
  • Intermediate Small Business Dashboard $599
  • Advanced Small Business Dashboard $799
  • Customised report – requires quote


Factors That Require Advanced Business Dashboard or a Custom Report

  • You want to track more than one action in your report (e.g both a purchase and email opt-in, or track multiple buttons on the website).
  • You require customised reports, e.g. you want to be able to differentiate between visitors clicking different buttons, purchasing different things or performing different interactions on your website.
  • You want more detail than is offered in the Basic Business Dashboard.

What is the next step?

If you are interested in a Small Business Dashboard, then please complete the questionnaire below. Or if you are not certain which level of report you require then please email and I will be able to advise.

Small Business Dashboard Questionnaire

  1. What is the URL of your website?
  2. Do you have Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager installed on your website?
  3. Do you require an activity such as a button click to be tracked? If so, which page contains this button?
  4. Which one objective on your website do you want your conversion rate and other metrics to be based upon?
  5. If you type in “what is my IP address” into Google, what IP address does Google give you?
  6. What email address do you use for your Google Analytics / Google account?

Granting Permissions for Web Data Analytics to Set Up Your Small Business Dashboard

To set you up with your report Web Data Analytics will require Account-level Edit access to your Google Analytics and/or Google Tag Manager accounts. This one step of granting permissions will need to be done by you, unless you do not already have an account. Here is how you do that:


Google Analytics

  1. Log into Google Analytics (​​) and go to Admin
  2. Select the ACCOUNT for your website’s Google Analytics
  3. Click on ‘User Management’. The example below is from Web Data Analytics’ Google Analytics account, your account will have your own account name
  1. Add permission for ​​ and choose Edit (this enables Web Data Analytics to add Spam filters etc)
  2. Select Notify this user by email and then click ‘Add’

Google Tag Manager (if applicable)

  1. Log into Google Tag Manager (​​) and go into your account
  2. Click on the ADMIN menu
  3. Click on ‘User Management’. The example below is from Web Data Analytics’ Google
  4. Tag Manager account, your account will have your own account name
  1. Click on the NEW button
  2. Add permission for ​​ and choose Admin and Publish


Web Data Analytics will not access your Google Analytics for any purpose other than the preparation of Basic Small Business Dashboard without your granted permission. If you wish to complete a formal Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), please email

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