Massage Therapy

I have a trusted professional in my network, who can provide the following benefits to you in this area of expertise:


Our key benefits and values:

  • We love using massage to help humans to move better, feel better and recover faster.  It’s our passion that you love the body that you have and regain and retain the strength, energy and ability to do the things that you love to do.
  • Our rooms in Bowden and Hope Valley are warm, safe and intimate spaces and we treat every size, shape and age.
  • We want to help you to reduce your pain and to experience the joy of pain free movement and to love the body that you have today.
  • As massage therapists we care for people, and we use hands on techniques to treat a range of conditions.  We are experts at working with muscles and soft tissue and in calming the nervous system.
  • Everything that we do is about living and empowering you to create the best life that you can and to bless and love the people around you.
  • We value all humans. We welcome, nurture and celebrate diversity in people of all size, race, age, religion, gender and sexuality; treating them with compassion and respect. We are a body positive and LGBTIQ+ friendly practice.
  • We love and honour every body that we treat and we appreciate the story that each body tells us through unspoken words.
  • While we may touch the surface, our work is much deeper – we work to nourish and replenish the soul.
  • We don’t promise to change the world – although we do seek to make your world a happier place.
  • We want you to enjoy life, enjoy who you are and to help you to love the body that you have today.

If you would like to be introduced, please let us know:

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