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Petra Manos Google Analytics Consultation

But while you’re waiting…


Get Your Google Analytics Questions Answered!


Experience the clarity you will get from 

  • having a private 1-on-1 consultation with Petra
  • learning how to set up and read your Google Analytics data
  • getting a video of the entire screen sharing experience

Limited time 40% off the regular price of $150

Do you find Google Analytics confusing?


You’re certainly not alone.

Every day, I work with online information entrepreneurs like you. Most of my clients tell me they find Google Analytics overwhelming. It keeps being pushed down the priority list and it turns into a monster in your closet over time. You know it is there waiting for you to open it up and read all those numbers.

But at the same time, entrepreneurs know that buried in their online data is insights waiting to earn them more money, spend less on the things that don’t work, and to move away from the hamster wheel. You almost feel guilty for not having delved into your Google Analytics yet, but when you go in to have a look it is like hitting a brick wall of numbers and metrics.

Well I’d like you to know that the feelings of confusion, overwhelm and worry are very common, but they can be resolved!

When you have a 1-on-1 consultation to answer your questions about how to set up and read your Google Analytics data, you will experience a sense of clarity. You will now be able to read those numbers, and know how they affect your business!

Not only that, but since we’ll be going through with your data, not just generic example data that you might get on a course, you’ll be able to get some insights straight away that you can use in your business.

PLUS, you’ll get the video of your Google Analytics screen at the end of the consultation, so even if you forgot how to do something a couple of weeks later you won’t have to worry. You can just re-watch that part of your video and you’ll be back on track again in a hurry.


Here’s why a 1-on-1 consultation is so valuable

Your data, not someone elses.

You get to fast track all the learning phase and leverage my skills and experience.

You can focus on strategy or implementation, whatever is important to you.

Start getting business insight straight away.

No need to work out what different terms mean, I can explain anything you need to know.

You can pack more into a single consultation than you would get from reading dozens of blog posts.

You don’t have to go it alone anymore.

You can get three questions of your choosing thoroughly discussed and resolved in a 45-minute session.

Here is what some happy clients have to say!

Petra helped me set up many aspects of Google Analytics, and I now feel confident in finding the information I need. It's definitely increased my understanding of my website audience and the data that comes out of it massively!


Runs a blog about family and home finances,

As someone who is bamboozled by technical stuff, I find it's all too easy to push it to the back of the line. Petra took the time to explain things clearly and simply, and really helped me to understand how I could make google analytics work for me and my business.


E-Commerce Owner, Kablooie

We now have greater insights into how many people visit our site and when, where they come from and the detail of our traffic sources. Glad I spent the time with Petra to cut straight to the insights in our data. Time well spent!


E-Course Creator, Successfully Navigating Redundancy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Guarantee?

As part of my service I request that you provide your questions in advance so that I have time to do any research that may be needed. If for any reason I am unable to answer your questions I will give you a full refund.

Is there anything I need to have already set up before I can start?

Yes, to take advantage of this consultation you will need to have Google Analytics already setup on your website. The exception is if you wish to have a consultation about how to install Google Analytics. You will also need to install Skype as this is how I share your Google Analytics screen. There is a video that I will send to you that will show you how to grant me temporary access to your Google Analytics account so that we can screen share. This will also enable me to complete any custom research for you before we start the session so that I can ensure you get the most value possible from your purchase.

How long will my consultation be?

The consultation will be 45 minutes, and cover three questions of your choosing. Of course, you can ask as many questions as you wish as we go through your Google Analytics.

Why have you discounted the price?

I want to create new opportunities for online information business owners to be able to work with me. This 1-on-1 consultation is suitable for anyone who wants a more in-depth understanding of their Google Analytics, irrespective of their size of business. I have temporarily discounted the price to be able to help a wider range of entrepreneurs.

When can I have my consultation?

I will send you a video clip showing you how to temporarily add me to your Google Analytics account. Once I get the notification from your Google Analytics we can book a time within the next one to two weeks.

Don’t be shy!

I’m looking forward to working with you

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