This collection of blog posts discusses ways that your eCommerce store

can use personalization to increase conversion rates

What Do We Do – And Why?

I've recently finished reading Simon Sinek's great book called Start With Why and it has helped me to better express what it is that we do for our clients, and most importantly, why we do it. WHY We strongly believe that online retailers of all sizes should have the...

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Technical Email Marketing

If you’re in an industry where the acquisition costs are high then you need repeat business to cover the high acquisition costs. On your website, you can identify whether past or current customers are returning to your website to check out your other products and...

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More Online Sales and Leads

Do you want to grow your conversion rate? If you have an eCommerce store talk to me about using data analysis, Conversion Rate Optimization and/or personalized marketing to increase your sales. If you have a lead generation website, I can hook up your contact forms,...

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