About Web Data Analytics

Petra was working in cybersecurity defence research when it suddenly occured to her that what she was doing was applicable to small businesses.

“I was collecting data and automating the processing and visualisation of that data so that other people could make strategic decisions. When I imagined applying what I was doing to the steady stream of Facebook, Adwords, SEO and other marketing data for normal businesses I almost shouted “Eureka!”. I was that excited.”

Now, Web Data Analytics helps businesses all over Australia and internationally to collect the strategic data that can make a difference to online marketing campaigns, and use that data to get phenomenal ROI.

Things we can do for you include

  • Capturing conversion data, even when it is highly customised for your website
  • Identifying where and why visitors are leaving your website
  • Identifying the content, advertisments, and personal characteristics of visitors that is leading to the most engagement with your marketing
  • Identifying how visitors engage with your website and what they typically do before purchasing or becoming a lead
  • Visualising all this data so that it is easy to read and make strategic decisions.
  • All of this information is then used to positively impact Google Ads and Conversion Rate Optimisation campaigns

Our tools of the trade typically include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Ads
  • Google Data Studio, and
  • Google Optimize

Would you like to work with us?

We would love to hear from you. You can contact us through our contact form here, call Petra (within Australian timezones) or send us an email.

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