About Petra

Your website data is in good hands. Here’s a little about my background so that you can evaluate if you’d like to work with me

My Background

I’ve always been passionate about information. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I started out as young as 12 years old, developing my own Geocities website and then writing code for an online text-based game.

I love to read and to learn, and so when I was 22 I started a non-fiction book publishing business. I didn’t know an author at the time so I wrote the first book myself. I sold my book in bookshops Australia-wide, even internationally. I loved this business, but when I realized that the physical book industry wasn’t the right place to be in 2004 (the start of the physical book slump) I became a computer programmer. I quickly discovered that I have natural talent for programming and data analysis and so I have stayed in this field over the past decade.

I have worked in corporate environments in complex sectors such as Defence, Foreign Exchange, Logistics and Tertiary Education. Most recently I have been working in the Defence sector on projects such as automated analytics.

Why Does Web Data Analytics Exist?

I have a very unusual set of combined skills and experiences. On the one hand I learned a thing or two about information marketing during my time in the publishing business, and then I learned the skills of determined problem solving and root cause analysis in the software business. I’m also fascinated by continuous improvement – I was searching for books about the Japanese Kaizen concept long before it became popularised. I believe that websites are very similar to self-published books with the exception that never before have we been able to track the behaviours of the people who interact with them. My skills and interests marry very well into the field of web analytics. My mission then is to systematize these skills so that a wide variety of businesses can benefit. My services help businesses to gain more revenue from their websites.

Want to know more about what I can do?

If you’d like to know specifically the types of things I do for my clients, please have a look at my Pricing page. I’d love to have a chat with you about your projects.

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