Commercial Finance Broker

I have a trusted professional in my network, who can provide the following benefits to you in this area of expertise.


Our key benefits:

  • Ensuring the clients get the best deal from the available financiers as we deal with many different lenders
  • We assist the client with organising of conveyancers, real estate agents, solicitors, accountants, building inspectors and other services in the industry to work together to ensure a smooth process with minimal stress.
  • Assisting with the purchase of a property and offer a second opinion to ensure that the client is aware of all aspects of the property they are purchasing
  • Assist clients looking to sell property to meet prospective purchasers to save on marketing and agents fees and commissions
  • Assisting clients with the purchase process of negotiating on their behalf to purchase property or attend auctions to reduce the emotion buying factor
  • Ensuring the best loan products for refinancing of the clients current facilities.
  • Most importantly, we work for the best interest of the client and ensure the client is always benefiting more than anything

If you would like to be introduced, please let us know:

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